Tabor Baptist Church

Headwaters in God's Mighty River

Who we are

We are followers of Jesus and that takes us to many places.

We find ourselves collecting food for the hungry, building and improving homes for those who lack shelter, providing a way to educate people so the cycle of poverty can be broken and taking seriously the truth of grace.

One man said Jesus was known for eating good food with bad people.  At Tabor we take seriously the direction of our Lord to be His hands and feet.

We look to Jesus for guidance and seek to provide a place that a person can come and not only improve their own life, but change the lives of others.

How we serve

Tabor Baptist operates under the philosophy that it is important to manage every dollar in the light of eternity. We look to utilize our resources the best that we can. In the past few years we have reduced our building energy usage by 50%. All staff are bi-vocational to lower salary costs. We strive to deliver the maximum results for every dollar.

For the past twenty years, we have consistently given away nearly every penny we take in.