Church Planting 🌱

On this earth any healthy living entity will reproduce after it’s kind.  Churches should be no different. 

Therefore church planting is not a fad to follow, but a calling for every local church. 

Tabor planted its first daughter church during pastor Rod’s tenure in Dwarka, India in 2012. 

Since then, we have supported and partnered in church plants to First Nations, Filipinos, Punjabis, university students, Arabic speakers, and multi-cultural audiences.

Each site is unique, but with the Lord’s blessing, and help from others, we seek to continue in this direction looking at new possibilities each year as the Lord gives opportunity. 

Sometimes planters will look to start a new church in an area where other congregations already exist—we have fought against this trend, as simply relocating Christians to a new gathering is not our calling. 

Because of this, most plants we participate in are with us for years, or even a decade, as the soil they are planting in will see struggle. 

Praise God for leaders that are willing to accept this challenge.