Immigration/Refugee Ministry 🤝

Refugees and Immigration:

This ministry has two distinct concerns, before Canada and once refugees or immigrants arrive. 

Serving Refugees Before They Come to Canada:

people often wait for years struggling to cope until they get to their new country. 

These can be difficult times depending upon the country you temporarily reside in. 

For example, Thailand has never signed any agreement to provide for the needs of refugees within its borders and this causes severe hardship for those who have chosen to flee there. 

Support for both those in hiding and those arrested is needed and we are happy to help.  

In 2019 provision was made towards giving every one of the 1500 prisoners in refugee custody a Christmas gift. 

In Turkey, the country is being overwhelmed by many refugees and the pressure to have persons return to their country of origin, even if it unsafe to return, is growing.  Knowing this we have targeted assistance to those receiving direct persecution in their former homeland. 

Serving Refugees After They Arrive in Canada:

Not everyone who comes here has a support base upon arrival. 

Even organizations that specialize can find themselves without the means to help. 

This opportunity to help is an honour that is taken seriously, from assistance with basic needs to language training to employment. 

Many people who call Tabor their home Church have found their way to Canada as an immigrant or refugee, and can appreciate the challenges being faced.